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Ironclad Resolve is a resolution to mediocrity. We strive to better ourselves in the hope to improve the future for our land, for our children, and for every person who will proudly stand for our country when she needs us most. We believe in self-accountability, and realizing that with all the faults that come with growth, forward motion is the only direction. As Americans, we will always work hard to lead by example, and teach the importance of digging deep and overcoming adversity. We show ultimate devotion to a country that provides us with opportunity where one’s dedication can be rewarded tenfold. We will never say that it is easy, but in these United States of America it is possible. Freedom is the gift bestowed on us in our great land. Let no one diminish the progress our country has made.

We are all Americans
, no matter our race, color, religion, or creed. It is the will for success through hardship that continues to be molded into the shining beacon of the world. One that we stand for, one that we cherish, one that we protect.
Let no one stifle your ambitions. Let no one tell you how to think. Let no one fool you into believing that you don’t have what it takes.
Forward is the way.